unfortunately it looks like your installation is broken.

The best and easiest way to fix it, is to create a new folder and start with a fresh automatic installation of starmade.

To do this,

browse to your hard-disk (C:) and create a new folder.

I suggest using the path:

however, any path not in a protected area from windows will work. ('Programs', 'Desktop', 'Download' and 'My Files' are places that can cause problems. Antivirus scanners block access or scan every file-access and slow down your game without a good reason.)

Now place a fresh downloaded launcher from the official download page


in that folder and start it.

Now select the correct path in the Launcher:

enter the correct path into the opening dialog:

Hit OK and

let it install the latest version by clicking on:

in the Launcher.

Your starmade should work now.
If not please add log from that installation.



and send in all files you see in that folder.

We will check for the source of the problems then.